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Webdesign Promo Page

karis-webdesignEvery year, I run a website design promo package through a whole month, exclusively for my Nigeria based customers. The landing page is promoted through facebook ads. It has a count down plugin that counts to wards the end of the promo. I try to make my landing pages unique, I contrast to landing page generation programs that creates a basic template that is used by hundreds of thousands of sites.

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Visionocity Landing Page.

This was an exciting job for me  do. Rather than make a clone of one of my personal landing pages, I decided to do something peculiar; design that is niche specific and portray the concept of the page. The result is a font awesome enhanced landing page.

I liked it, so do my fiverr customer.

visionocity Landing page -Fiverr design

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Diptot International Consult Webdesign

Diptot International consult is the website of an Educational Agency that process admission into foreign schools in the Canada, UK, USA, Australia and Malaysia. The site has to be interactive, with a standby officer that replies enquiries by skype, email and online chat.  The issue we had with this site previously was about webhosting with the much hyped GVO. I won’t advise my enemy to use their service. The poor hosting can only be compared with its deplorable customer service! We migrated to hostgator and everything started working smoothly!


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PCCGTV website design

This website is specially designed to serve livestream video during the special programs of Prayer Centre Church of God. the project was done on website. Live youtube streams are embedded on the site so the viewers can view fro the website rather than youtube. There is also a chat plugin whereby the viewers can chat with one another or with the streamer.site2a

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Remi Care Newsletter Squeeze Page

This job was executed on WIX. I’m a big fan of wix and weebly platforms because the scope of flexibility is quite minimal. It is typical of all GUI design interfaces. However, I think having the ability to edit CSS is a welcome feature on these platforms.


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